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As a 1st year teacher I was scared to start my clay lessons. I worked with clay in High School, at college, and have even worked a weekend job with "The Clay Lady". But I had never fired in the Kiln by my self. 
I have found that Danielle McDaniel's "How to teach clay the Clay Lady way" of teaching suited me perfectly.
"The Clay Lady Way enables your artist to make and decorate in one sitting thus completing the project in one class." - D.M. And for my firing worries, "the biggest advantage to the Clay Lady Way ~ there is only one firing per project load, thus enabling a 7-10 day turn-around on projects. The Clay Lady Way of firing guarantees no blow-ups!"
Check it out for yourself! A teacher in-service is also offered once a year in September!

4th grade fish

3rd grade fish 


4th grade fish
3rd grade "Art Enrichment" Giraffe mask

 This is a picture of 5th grade turtles after the "one time firing method". Now don't worry, the little pieces you see in the kiln are legs that a few students accidentally broke off of their turtles before firing. I fired the legs anyway and I glued them on with E6000!!


Mrs. Jahnig said...

I'm so taking this class in September!

Katie Morris said...

Cool projects! It's awesome that you have a kiln to work with. None of the elementary schools in my district have a kiln so we have to use air dry clay, which obviously means some of the projects won't make it home in one piece. But I suppose some clay experience is better than none!

Becca Ruth said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! Katie: Yes, a kiln is a blessing. I can't tell you how scared I was to use it at first. I thought I was going to start a fire! But of course nothing of the sort happened. And yes a little clay experience is better than none! Good luck!

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