When one door closes... another will open

   I am happy and yet so sad to announce that my time at my school is over.  My husband's career has taken flight and we are moving to greener pastures.  These greener pastures will be in our home town and we are so thrilled to be moving back with family and friends. 

   I'm reflecting on my time at Stone Elementary and remembering how bitter sweet it was.  I knew that I may not always stay at Stone, but I never knew how hard it would be to leave.  I remember a second grade teacher friend telling me how hard it is at the end of the year to say goodbye to her students.  I never had to know that feeling, because I see the same students year after year.  Now I understand what she means.

   It was not easy standing at the front of the class, 6 classes a day for 5 days telling the kids that I was not coming back.  Over the next couple of weeks I received more drawings and paintings then I knew what to do with.  I have put them all together in a notebook for safe keeping. You never know the difference you make until you look at all the love flowing out of 3 notebooks.  I have been at Stone for 4 years and I haven't thrown away one piece of art a student has given me. (With the exception of some with no names....)

   I don't know where I will end up as of yet, but I am excited to begin a new adventure.  
Here students write messages for me on my board. 
 The very last thing I did before locking my door for the last time was erase my board.
The wonderful cake from my faculty and staff. 
The pic doesn't do it justice. This cake was huge!
Toothless the class mascot was loved by all students. He will hopefully have a permanent place in my old room. I made this poster for the students and left it on a board with a note to the new teacher in hopes that she will leave it up. 
 Just doesn't seem real

I hope my next room has a nice view like this.

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