Simple K or Pre-K Spider Webs

I wanted something supper simple for Kindergarten to do for Halloween week. Can't get much simpler then an oil pastel resist. 

Art Center
Rainbow Spider Web
Setup: 2 students share tempera cake pallets, 2 brushes, towel, water bucket, and small tray with two black oil pastels.

I begin each K lesson with their name on the back and then whatever the first tool is that we're using in the air.
First, using your oil pastel (repeat that word back to me) draw a stand up line in the middle from the top to the bottom. 
Next, draw a laying down line through the middle. 
Then, two slash lines (how many?) Start one in the top right hand corner and slash it to the bottom left. Now, start in the top left hand corner and slash it to the bottom right. 
Circle time! 
Point to the middle of your web and draw a small circle, then a medium circle around it, and finally draw draw a large circle around that. Put the pastel in your tray and we're ready to paint. 

Always demo before they begin to paint. I have them hold their brush in the air while they watch me. Don't paint the whole thing while they wait. Just two color changes worth, and don't take forever. 
Swish, wipe, blot! Before you paint and when you change colors.
You may paint your webs. 

These turned out so beautiful!

Once the Art center was on a role I walked over to the play dough center I asked students how to make a spider. 
How many legs does a spider have? How many body parts? 
I had no requirements at the lego table, but many of them built spider homes. (sorry no pics)
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