Patterned Shoe Prints

First graders used LINE and PATTERN to create shoe prints.
Students learned the 5 types of LINE by singing our Line song and drawing them in the air. 
Then, we discussed PATTERN by using different materials to make patterns. 
 Each table had different materials to make patterns. It was a great assessment tool.

Next, students worked together to trace their shoes with a black crayon.
Time to draw the LINES. Some students wanted to draw the actual lines that were on their shoes.
Crayons were used to show PATTERN.

Finally, students cut out their shoe prints and glued them to colored construction paper. 


Great Inservice Opportunity in the TN area

You've heard me preach about "The Clay Lady Way" of teaching clay. Now here is your chance to learn from (in my opinion) one of the best. My good friend and fabulous teacher Danielle McDaniel is offering a 
How to Teach Clay the Clay Lady way workshop in Nashville, TN
here are the details:

After 15 years of countless How To Teach Clay...The Clay Lady Way teacher inservices, I can say this with certainty - the information I teach is still current, relevant and useful to art teachers on every level.  I can also share with you that to increase my enjoyment of teaching this same information, I plan to add on different information and shake up the curriculum this year!  So before you say - been there, done that!- look below for the current offerings for 2011!
How To Teach Clay...The Clay Lady Way teacher inservice Saturday, October 1st, 8:00-4:30 to be held at The Clay Lady's Studio, Artist Co-op and Galleries ~The Educational Facility at Mid-South Ceramics in Nashville, TN.
Fee is the same as past years - $150  (or $100 for returning teachers).
  • Learn The Clay Lady Way:  make and decorate successful clay projects in one-sitting with a single firing to complete.
  • Tour our manufacturing warehouse and learn about raw materials and how they are mixed to make products. Learn the difference between low-fire, mid-fire and high fire supplies.
  • Enjoy a hands-on clay Clay Lady Workshop to experience The Clay Lady Way as you use our products to make projects.
  • Tour and enjoy visiting with several of my 20 artists in residence and see how making projects can turn into a profession at The Clay Lady's Artist Co-op and Galleries.
  • See a project demo and learn how to design your own projects.
  • Learn my 8 week curriculum, my clay camp curriculum, my K-12 project curriculum that works with your county's curriculum , my teen/adult handbuilding and sculpture lesson, class management techniques and hands-on kids wheel lesson.
  • Learn about kilns:  how to load and to program for no-explosion firings!
  • Enjoy us providing your apron, your lunch, your certification for inservice hours and your enlightening day!
Feel free to forward this email to all your art teacher contacts - I heavily rely on your goodwill and good reviews!
Contact me in any way that works best for you and I will get your name on the list for this year's inservice.  I am limiting the amount of registrations to increase personal interaction and provide plenty of time for questions and diversions from the schedule!  It's going to be a good time!
Be An Artist in Everything You Do!
Danielle McDaniel~The Clay Lady
The Clay Lady's Studio, Artist Co-op and Galleries
~The Educational Facility at Mid-South Ceramic Supply
1416 Lebanon Pike, Bldg C
Nashville, TN  37210

Clay Lady Documentary

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