Pick & Draw

Talk about a great ice breaker! Thanks to Rich Davis creator of Pick & Draw I had a great activity for my new students during their first art class.

Pick & Draw is an awesome game  that is a fun one of a kind  drawing game.  It teaches students how to make crazy and creative cartoon faces. Which was exactly what I needed for my new students.

I didn't know their abilities or even what they had been exposed to from their last art teacher. Which, from what other teachers had told me, was not a lot.  So I decided to use this game not only as an Ice Breaker, but as an assessment pre-test.

Check out Pick & Draw for yourself to see what it's all about.  I used Pick & Draw during 3rd and 4th graders' first day.  It was a great way to end class after going over rules and procedures.

Here are the awesome results.


26 Kindergartners! A possible new spin on Art Centers

My followers know I love to teach Kinders with Art Centers.  But this year is going to put them to the test.  I have always had Kinder classes of 20 or less.  It was pretty simple to divide them into three groups of 6 or 7.  This year we have a record number of Kinders enrolled.  5 classes with 24 to 26 in each!

My whole reason behind art centers was to cut down on behavior problems, keep them focused on a task, and teach them in a small group setting.  All of which encouraged learning and creating.  Would the centers still work?  Why of course they will.  I will just have to be a little more resourceful.

Here's the plan.  I have 6 round tables and 1 kidney table.  I will still have 3 main art centers, except this time; I'll have two tables per center.  For example, 2 tables of building activities, 2 tables of play dough, and 2 tables of Toobers and Zots rotating every 12 minutes (45 min. class).  So where will we create projects and have a lesson?

Kidney table allows for small group work. Teacher is always
facing the entire class so classroom management will be easier.
 I will "pull out" one table at a time from the rotation to come to the "Art Center" at the kidney table for 12 minutes.  When the 12 minutes are up I will pull another table and send the other back into the rotation.  So only 3 tables will come to the art table each class time.  The next class time the other three tables will come.

I know this means two art days of the same project, but I have had kinders master skills so much better when I can teach them in a small group.  I love centers because they work.

All kinders start on Monday! I'll let you know how it goes.

Tables / Centers


New Art Room: After Pictures

Phew... I thought I'd never get done with my room.  As my followers know this is a new school for me and it's a new room for the art room.  I couldn't believe how long it would take to completely move rooms.  I feel for those of you that have to do this.  Plus side is everything is exactly where I want it.
Table folders ready

Helper numbers labeled on the chairs

Class schedules. We go by A - E day not Mon. - Fri.

I can flip and rotate them. 

Got this idea from pinterest!

This is how I'll post my standards/objectives.  They will be listed following each grades Eric Carle animal.

Another pinterest.

A class can earn 3 points at the end of class for good behavior.
They'll move their game piece the # of spaces they earn.
Art Party is the prize.  Idea from pinterest.

Removable game pieces by post-it! 

Toothless has a new high perch.

Desk area complete with bungee chair from The Container Store and my
Mother's filing cabinet that was still in the school 20 years later and somehow
ended up in my room.

Front board with kidney table.

Smart board in the corner.

Desk and door

Sink area

Large cubby/cabinets organized by media.

Free Choice center that will have to be built upon.

Kinder Corner

Great storage cubbies.

Most used supplies.

Love this easel! I can keep all the kinder stuff separate.

New Behavior Board

3rd grade's Eric Carle standard/objective animal

Idea similar to ART.  The class will move their game
piece according to the number they have left on the board.

Shelf my husband made for me to hold the supplies I need handy at the front. 

Screamer's time out corner.

Can I please teach now?

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