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I was asked to explain more about my behavior board, and I am more than happy to. Art class would not be able to carry on smoothly without it. It's very important to me that my students have fun, but to understand that Art still has rules that must be followed for the fun to happen.
First the expectations of my students are to 
Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Be Kind
Be Safe
Here is a picture of my board at the end of today.
Each teacher has a pocket and each student has a 3"x6" index card in the pocket with their name on it.
When an expectation is not met (rule broken), a student in 1st - 5th grade must pull their card and clip them to the consequence. I have also had them put the cards into a consequence pocket, but I wanted to change it a bit.

1st consequence GREEN WARNING
2nd YELLOW 5 minute time out (when a student goes to time out the time is marked in my roll book)
3rd RED 10 minute time out
4th BLACK teacher's choice (detention, office, or written communication log home)

I have a good behavior art party (fun art activity centers) at the end of the semester. If students have not had time outs then they will be able to participate the whole time. If they have had time out (say 10 minutes total during the semester) they will have to sit out 10 minutes at the party. In other words, whenever they are in time out, they will have it again at the party. It hits them twice so that they hopefully will never misbehave bad enough to go to time out

Kinders are given reward pockets for the whole class behavior: Green for Great Day, Yellow for okay day, and Red for bad day. Individual Kinders are given a verbal warning and after that are sent to time out for 5 minutes any time they break a rule after the warning. Kinders don't have good behavior parties because the class set up is different. See Art Centers

As with any behavior plan, it is a very effective system as long as you stick to it.
I also have a whole class system seen here.



I like this system of yours. Might come up with something like this some time. Thanks for posting.

Mr. Jackson said...

Wow thanks for the follow up post, it all makes perfect sense now, and seems like a great system! I just might steal it! :)

The smARTteacher said...

Awesome resource. It's unique and solves a common art room challenge—classroom management!

We would be honored if you'd consider sharing this resource (and others) with the world of art education at http://www.thesmartteacher.com/exchange

Susan Barry said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I’m very excited, but nervous about teaching kindergarten this coming year for 45 minutes at the very end of their day and knew I wanted to use centers, but now you’ve helped so much on all the necessary little details! Now I’m really looking forward to it; thanks again!!

Ginart said...

Have you ever had a student not want to pull there card. What do you do about that?

Becca Ruth said...

I simply tell them that if they don't want to pull their card that I will do it for them and I'm not moving once but twice. That usually gets the job done. I have had a student who still didn't care so I called the office from my room phone and asked for his parents' number and called them from my room.
You can't back down when it comes to classroom management and they can't run all over you.

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