New Room: Before Pictures

OMGosh! Where did the summer go? Our teachers start back July 25th and the time is ticking. So far getting ready for my new school and class room has consisted of organizing and unpacking. I am very excited about my new room because it has so much potential. Yes, it is smaller than my last, but I sought out help from Jessica from The Art of Education for some inspiration

Note: Art is changing locations at my new school. Therefore, some of these pics won't look like a typical art room... Yet.
The display board outside my room. I've always wanted something I can pin and staple to.
 Front boards.
 Side boards. I've never had so many!
 Always wanted a kidney shaped table!
 Lots of storage possibilities. Look at those HUGE cubbies!
 Teacher closet. I can hang my coat now.
 Low sink for students with lots of counter space... chair not included.
 These desks are no longer in the room. This pic is for the awesome little storage cubbies. 26 total!
 Yes, this room has a great view too.
 These pics are taken from the school's old art room. I have since moved it all to the new location.
I dug through tons of unused supplies. The former teacher really didn't like to get out of the comfort zone of crayons and colored pencils. 
 I found 2 unused class packs of oil pastels! Jack pot!
 This scared me... It has now been emptied and will be reorganized. Deep in it's depths.... 14 class packs of unused colored pencils and even some prisma colored pencils.
 A drying rack!
 These were the only scissors I found.
 I have always wanted round tables. I am so excited to use these this year!
Stay tuned for the after pics :)


New Blogger

I am excited to introduce a new blogger to our art education community. ledzapgirl22 at Pictures and Paint Brushes is a new art teacher in my new school district. I'm so happy to have her in the blogging world!
I must brag because she is a graduate from Middle Tennessee State University which is also my alma mater. MTSU has such an awesome Art Education program. I would highly recommend it to anyone going into the field. Dr. Bonnie Rushlow (former President of NAEA), Dr. Sickler-Voigt, and the late great Dr. Lon Nuell taught us all so well. 
Click here to see the program outline http://www.mtsu.edu/art/programs/bs_arted.php

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