To open a new door, you must close another.

As my followers may recall, two years ago my husband and I packed up and moved back home. I had to leave my first teaching job and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do
That door closed and a new one opened
I loved my second school at Mt. Pleasant Elementary. The staff is made up of some of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. We were a family and worked as a team. Being a Title one school never let us down. Our family art nights are so much fun and the parents and students rally around the art program. The administrators are two of the most understanding people and have been a pleasure to work for. The faculty was there for me when my father battled and survived cancer and their prayers were there again when my uncle started his treatment. If you ever needed anything, they were there. They even awarded me "New Teacher of the Year" (with 5 years or less experience) for our school. I went on to be awarded "New Teacher of the Year" for the county. 
So when the art position at my alma mater Columbia Central High School opened up, a lump caught in my throat. Why the lump? Well, it all started 12 years ago when I walked into Bettye Kinser's art room. I loved art and Mrs. Kinser made it so much fun. My love of art grew as I moved on to art two with Mrs. Carrie Lancaster, and flourished with Mrs. Kinser again in advanced art three and four. I even got to leave my mark on CHS as did all senior artists by painting a brick on the wall.
CHS is where I decided what my career path would be. As I began my student teaching I hoped that I could teach at CHS with Mrs. Lancaster and Mrs. Kinser, but they would not allow you to student teach where you were taught. 
I had the rare opportunity to student teach at two high schools. Santa Fe Unit School (Pre-K - 12) and Spring Hill High School. 

By the end of student teaching I was hungry for a job teaching high school, but God had other plans. So, when the job posting went up in May, I just had to try. I talked with my principal who had nothing but kind words and understanding for my decision to apply at CHS. 
After interviewing, I got the call a week later and was asked if I would like to accept the art position at CHS. I did. After I hung up the phone I cried tears of joy and tears of sadness. You see, it was a win win for me either way. If I hadn't gotten the job I would have continued to be That Little Art Teacher that teaches elementary art at one of the best schools. If I did I would be teaching where my love of art began. So I cried that I would now be teaching at the place that fostered my love of art and I cried because I would be leaving MPES.  
So, I close this elementary door, and I walk through the doors of high school art. 
I have now packed up "my stuff" and said my goodbyes. Am I excited? Yes! Am I nervous? Oh yes, but I know I can do it. It will be challenging, but that's what makes life fun. Change is hard but it is also good. 
Don't worry loyal followers, I will take you on this transitional journey with me. I will still make elementary posts here and there, but until next time please enjoy some of my highlights from my last two years of elementary. 

Goodbye room :(

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