Avery Give Back to Schools

   I wanted to take this time to let you all know about an awesome opportunity for your school. My school was very fortunate to have won last year and we received $10,000 in supplies for our school. 

 Avery Give Back to Schools program is an online voting contest that will reward the top 5 vote-getting schools with $10,000 in Avery school supplies, $1,000 in Bonus Box Tops for Education and an additional $1,000 in gift cards for teachers to purchase additional school supplies. The next 25 vote-getting schools would win $500 in Bonus Box Tops for Education. The contest ends September 16.  

Click here for the Avery Give Back to Schools and register or vote for your school. 


GBreeze2 said...

Congratulations on winning the Avery Give Back to Schools contest last year. We are trying to win for GULF BREEZE ELEMENTARY this year. If any of your readers would like to vote for us, we would GREATLY appreciate it. We would LOVE to join you in the Winner's Circle.


Zip Code: 32561

Anonymous said...

ADDISON ELEMENTARY would LOVE to receive extra help & votes. We're currently in 11th...SO close! :) We've been blessed with the support of our community AND neighboring state's schools, how amazing is that?! We hope to be moving up soon, and could use everyone's help! Consider a vote for ADDISON too! :) Zip is 53027. Thanks for letting me beg for votes on your post :) :)

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