Pick & Draw

Talk about a great ice breaker! Thanks to Rich Davis creator of Pick & Draw I had a great activity for my new students during their first art class.

Pick & Draw is an awesome game  that is a fun one of a kind  drawing game.  It teaches students how to make crazy and creative cartoon faces. Which was exactly what I needed for my new students.

I didn't know their abilities or even what they had been exposed to from their last art teacher. Which, from what other teachers had told me, was not a lot.  So I decided to use this game not only as an Ice Breaker, but as an assessment pre-test.

Check out Pick & Draw for yourself to see what it's all about.  I used Pick & Draw during 3rd and 4th graders' first day.  It was a great way to end class after going over rules and procedures.

Here are the awesome results.


CMae said...

Did you buy this game with your own money or did your school allow you to purchase it with their funds? How many games did you buy so the class would have enough?

Mrs. C said...

I just bought this game for my 3d-5th graders to use! I can't wait to get it!looks like they has a lot of fun with it! :)

Becca Ruth said...

CMae, Rich wanted a teacher to try it out and gave me the game to try. I didn't have enough for each student. I had a deck of pick & draw cards. I had enough for each of my 7 tables to have their own deck.
Mrs. C, they will have a blast! I loved the conversations they had.

rich davis said...

Great comments. Yep, I'm the creator of Pick and Draw and I wanted to throw this extension thought to be considered....if you look at the pictures that were posted, those are characters that are ready to be thrown into a story (creative writing) or worked into a short comic strip (4 frames). An art teacher could brainstorm with the kids to come up with where their imagination sees their character at (in other words, what is in the space behind the character in their drawing?)...at the beach? Moon? NYC? your school?...the character can have a speech bubble making comments about any number of things...or thought bubbles....all of these prep the students to develop creatively and the cross educational benefits fit perfectly in common core objectives. Other teachers will love you for taking the students into problem solving and coming up with their own ideas, etc They will be fully invested since that character is exclusively their own creation that they get to make decisions about. And don't forget the "problem" needed in the picture to make a story have interest and tension. A story is about the main character solving the problem. There is a lot you can do with this....take it into science, history literature, whatever...the students will follow because it's fun!

Becca Ruth said...

Exactly Rich! By the end of the lesson students wanted to know when they could do it again.

Art on my hands said...

Just went on line and ordered my own cards, can't wait to try them out with my own students.. Also went to Rich's site and plan to use them to create the functional clay figures. Thanks for sharing this idea.

I also plan to take some tips from your free choice area for when students have finished a project.

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