Patterned Shoe Prints

First graders used LINE and PATTERN to create shoe prints.
Students learned the 5 types of LINE by singing our Line song and drawing them in the air. 
Then, we discussed PATTERN by using different materials to make patterns. 
 Each table had different materials to make patterns. It was a great assessment tool.

Next, students worked together to trace their shoes with a black crayon.
Time to draw the LINES. Some students wanted to draw the actual lines that were on their shoes.
Crayons were used to show PATTERN.

Finally, students cut out their shoe prints and glued them to colored construction paper. 


chris sholl said...

What is your line song? I like how you have students experiment with pattern using different materials.

Mrs. Jahnig said...

You know what I just thought of...they could have done a rubbing for the ground that they wanted their pattern shoes to be walking on. :-)

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