I apologize to all my loyal followers and web surfers. My absence should not be excused, but PINTEREST has taken over my life. If you would like to check out some lessons I'm thinking of trying and just what is going on in my head at the moment please take a look here. I have broken up my interest "boards" in to grade levels!

 Until next time, when I have loaded batteries into my old camera to take some pictures of the happenings in my classroom, I will talk to you all again soon. 


Phyl said...

Yeah, Pinterest is sucking away all of our brains! But it's so easy...

Imagine*Create*Explore said...

Could you please send me an invite to Pintrest. I have been waiting on the site for over a month. I need pintrest...it could save me from millions of lesson ideas saved in my favorites :)
Thanks so much!

Molly Stewart said...

It's literally taking over the creative world. It's so wonderful though! I have looked through the site but Do you have to be invited in? If so could you also send me an invite too? Thanks!


Becca Ruth said...

Hey ladies, I have sent you both invites. :)

Ren said...

I'm obsessed with pinning, too! I just 'friended you'...or I guess in this case it's 'followed you' :]

Hannah- Art.Paper.Scissors.Glue! said...

I figured every time someone posts something about Pinterest, I have to ask... since they're not getting back to me, but I need HELP! I can't see all my boards?! I have no idea if you had this problem/ if you know what to do. I only have access to like 5 or 6 of them, but I really have about 10 or 12. I have to re-edit them ALL the time by clicking "pins" and then categorizing them from there... SO annoying : /. Any help?

Becca Ruth said...

I've never had that issue. I'll tell you what I do to get to my boards and see if it's the same or different for you.
Once you're logged in click on your user name in the upper right corner.
A drop down menu appears and click on Boards.
That's all I do and all I know to do. Hope that helped.

Hannah- Art.Paper.Scissors.Glue! said...

Yeah, I only see the 6 boards. Oh well, thanks though : /.

Anonymous said...

What is your Pinterest name? I would like to follow you as well.

Becca Ruth said...

Becca Witherow :)

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