More Art Room Stuff!

Again, I love this year's school theme
Wild About ______
Thanks to Hobby Lobby I am stocked on beautiful animal print patterns!
Different colors mark the different categories

All my tip instruction signs are "Wild"

Toothless has a new home. He looked a little bored just sitting on the filing cabinet.

Trying to display as many "animal" artworks as I can find. I thought this Andy Warhol image fit quite well.

Not too sure about this one.... I think tomorrow I will change this up...


bezonaville said...

I love the elements and priciples sign ~ Did you make those or did you buy and if you bought were?!?
Thank you so much for your blog!

Becca Ruth said...

I made the tree, but the signs were purchased from Crizmac supplies. And you're welcome about the blog! I love it!

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