Room Update

The room is almost finished! Just little things left to be done. If you remember my last post about The Art Room you may recall I wasn't too thrilled about one of my displays. So I changed it up and I am much happier. Please enjoy these snapshots!
I love the tree! It's hard to see, but it says Elements & Principles in the leaves.
The bark effect was done by crinkling up the paper!
The bookshelf looks a bit empty but will soon be filled with class portfolios. 
Toothless and friends
The Behavior Board is coming along nicely. I need to make the 5th grade pockets and complete the consequence pockets. The consequence pockets will look like little cages that the students will drop their card in if the break a rule.
My consequences are: Warning - 5 minute Time Out - 10 minute Time Out - Detention
Knock on wood I have not had a student in Detention!! 
I will post about a reward chart later :)

 Front and Back

The Clay Corner and Storage closet

Teacher Prep corner


Anonymous said...

Did you make the element and design posters yourself?

Becca Ruth said...

No, They were already in my room from the previous teacher. You can order them at www.crizmac.com, Dick Blick art materials, or Sax. Even Amazon.com may have them

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