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  I have decided to get back into really "writing" lesson plans. Usually I just give the cut and dry. Before I teach a lesson I usually jot down the "key point" on an index card. Some school systems require you to turn in the "real deal" lesson plan. But, I am a bit out of practice. I turn in only 3 a year by requirement and the teachers at my school are required to turn in the weekly lesson plans every other week. This is just printing a copy of your weekly planner. That's fine. I am happy to do it that way.
   Though we are taught how to write lesson plans in college and taught well. In the real world.... there isn't always enough time. I feel I do need to hold on to that lesson plan template. In fact, when I type emails, I try to type them the same way as if I was still in Freshman Composition 1. The new age is wonderful, but he need to hold on to our roots before we start to literally say "OMG!" The point to this? I will do my best to post my lessons in the lesson plan format!!!! I did say TRY....
   So in case I peaked your interest and you too want to remember the lesson plan layout, here is how we do it in Tennessee. 

Lesson Plan Layout

Project Title:


Time Frame:

Goal/Purpose: What is your goal and or purpose for this lesson.
            (objectives come from the goal/purpose)

State Standards

            The student will:
            Based on art history, production, aesthetics, and criticism


Vocabulary: elements and principles

Resources: books, films, notes


Teaching Strategies
Set: motivation – preparing students to learn

*Procedure: step-by-step

            Visual and verbal demonstrations
            Check for understanding
            Guided practice
            Independent practice



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