Swish, Wipe, Blot

Sorry for the blurry picture.

I learned this little slogan from Mrs. Pam Hickman that I student taught under. It used to be: Dip, Wipe, Blot. So with a little modification 
Swish, Wipe, Blot 
was born.
Students learn that we need to take good care of our paint brushes. We don't want them to have a "bad hair day"!
Swish: by making circles in the water. No Tornados!
Wipe: to get rid of the drip drops
Blot: 1 time to check it's clean
Students also know do clean their brush when they need to change colors. 


Phyl said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog! I used to use a similar saying to your swish, wipe, blot, but I have changed it in recent years and it works great. Mine is "wipe, wash, wipe". I find that if the kids wipe the brushes on a newspaper or an old sponge BEFORE they wash, the water will stay clean SO much longer.

Becca Ruth said...

Awesome idea Phyl! I use very large plastic dog treat containers. They can hold so much water that we hardly have to refill them. I used to use the small cups and containers for two students to share.... Way too much changing water. Now 4 students can use these and no changes!! Or I have a rule that it has to look like "Pepsi" before we can change it.

Phyl said...

I just looked at a photo of your room. My tables are much larger, so smaller kids have trouble reaching water or materials left in the center. Hence the smaller water bowls!

Becca Ruth said...

Phyl, yeah, my tables are small. Sometime the students don't have a lot of room if larger paper has to be turn vertically. I see your point. I student taught with a teacher that had huge tables and she used baby wipe containers for water! Worked pretty well.

Karen said...

thanks for looking at my blog. Yours rocks!!! Love the paint tips!

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