Keeping it all Straight

Keeping up with work can sometimes be hard. Handing back work can take forever! So I came up with a way to cut back on time and keep work straight.
Pictured below are my class cubbies. I do wish they were bigger. Maybe my fiance will build me bigger ones one day :). Every class has a cubby and unfinished or "continuing" work is kept here. 
Inside of each cubby is a set of 7 "folders" (12"x18" folded construction paper). Why? Because I have 7 colored tables in my room. When students are cleaning up they place their work inside their "table folder". The folders are put into their class cubby. Easily accessible for me to hand back on another day and perfect if a student forgot to write their name on their work.
Finished work is also turned in via the folders and graded. I will give the work back to the students in the folder and each student will put their work into their portfolio and record the grade on their art grades log. 


tishalou said...

I would love to see more on your grades log - can you post that?? We have just changed our grading parameters.

Becca Ruth said...

My school system changed our grading system yesterday! I had all my rubrics copied and ready to go into the portfolios. I will post when I revamp them. Thanks for the comment!

JEN said...

love it! great idea.

Mrs. Hahn said...

I've used some of these ideas too. I like them. They work! Thanks for stopping in to my blog. You asked about 'extras'. I will be posting about them a lot. I almost have got rid of 'free draw'. There is just NOT enough time for a good picture with the few minutes at the end of class. Right now I have a list of 'jobs' (sharpen pencils, fold paint shirts, clean paint dishes...). This is what the older kids do. For the younger kids I have blocks. Lots of different kinds. They love this! This year I'm adding a texture rubbing wall, and the weaving on the wall... will be posting on both.

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