Fall Collages

The inspiration for this project came from Deep Space Sparkle.
I changed it up a bit for the 3rd graders.
P.G. 3rd grade
Sorry I didn't take more pictures. This one doesn't look to Fallish...
Fall Collages
Grade: 3rd
Time Frame 
three 50 minute class periods
To introduce students to the Collage process by using textured painted papers.
TSW learn that a collage is a form of art in which various materials are arranged and put together to create a piece of art. 
TSW paint two papers using different colors of paint to create contrast.
TSW use various objects to create texture on wet paint.
TSW create a collage with the painted papers by cutting out shapes to create pictures.
Special Prep:
I set up my demo table to hold all the "texture tools"
Vocabulary: elements and principles
Collage, Texture, Contrast, Craftsmanship, Painting
12"x18" drawing paper, tempera paints, painting supplies, texture tools: forks, cups, etc., Fall colored 12"x18" construction paper, Elmer's Glue, Scissors, pencils
Day one I displayed a couple of collages I had created as we discussed what a collage is or what makes this a collage. I always like to show an example and then ask the students questions that will lead them to telling me what makes it a collage!
Every student starts with one 12"x18" paper; writes their name, table, and code on the back and paints the front one solid color. They then chose a contrasting color to paint on top of the first and used "texture tools" to create textures.
Day two the process was repeated with the second piece of paper and different colored paints. While paper #2 dried, students picked up their fall colored construction paper, the 1st painting, and began to brain storm. 
I teach students to draw on the back of their painted papers so they won't have to worry about erasing lines after they cut the shapes out. (but this won't work with words)
Instruct students to arrange the shapes on the paper first to see how it looks and then glue. 
I remind students to use "baby dots" when gluing!
Day three students continued to draw, cut out, and glue shapes to create their collages. 


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