Splatter without the SPLAT!

Of course Splatter Painting is a ton of fun! But not a ton of fun to clean up!

4th & 5th graders learned about Abstract artist Jackson Pollock and his "Action Paintings"!
Materials: any size paper, cake tempera paints, brushes, water buckets, paper towels, straws! 
Students load their brushes with water and paint. Paint must be watery and blotted onto the paper. Before the paint dries, students blow through the straw onto the paint. The paint will create awesome Jackson Pollock effects!
The best part about this project was watching the students mix the colors and seeing the amazing outcomes! 


Katie Morris said...

I can't believe I never thought to use that painting technique with Jackson Pollock! Thanks for sharing!

Becca Ruth said...

No Problem! The students will love it!

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