Clay Lady Fun

On the last Friday of July the women of my family, future in-laws, and close friends had a little bridal party with "The Clay Lady"! Only two of us had previous experience on the potter's wheel. It was so much fun to see everyone experience something new.

Danielle McDaniel is known as "The Clay Lady". Perhaps many of you have heard of her. If not please allow me to direct you to www.theclaylady.com and see for yourself. She is truly a  gift to the Art Education world. I use her teaching techniques and clay supplies for all my clay projects.

We had so much fun laughing and creating beautiful pots. The best part of the night was watching the faces of those who had never thrown on the wheel before. It was wonderful for me to share one of my joys with my family and friends and to have them step into my world of art.

This is my Grandmother and I with all the pots everyone created!! Can't wait to see them after firing! 
And please notice that these pots were made and painted (glazed) in one sitting! Like I said, go to www.theclaylady.com and see for yourself!


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