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All teachers are required to attend a certain number of inservices each year. As an Art Educator I find this somewhat tedious. Not because I don't want to do them. On the contrary, I love new teaching strategies, but there are just not many inservices offered for the specialist teachers within a school system. I understand why with one music, art, P.E., liberian, and technology teacher at each school. The teachers who teach the other "core" subjects have a heap of inservices to choose from because there are more of them to accommodate. So I don't sign up for "Accelerated Reader", but instead I jump on the "Technology"! No matter what subject you teach, I believe you will become a better teacher if you stay up to date on the latest technologies. I promise it wont hurt you. Here are some of my exciting new finds in the land of technology, and they are not just for your classroom.

This site is a life saver!! How many times have you found an awesome website at home and added it to your favorites/bookmarks? How many times have you been away from your home computer and wanted to find that same site? I don't know about you, but I can't remember the site addresses for all those amazing sites I find. Plus, who wants to take the time to "search" them. 
Well now you can have your bookmarks with you at any computer you come to. Create an account on www.delicious.com and add bookmarks, sort them into categories called "tags" and share them with others. All for FREE!! 

Are you sick and tired of carrying around USBs? They are a constant panic attack for me. I can never remember where I put them when I need them. No more looking!!! Create an account on Dropbox and the files you save there will be on your computer at home, at work, or shared (if you wish) with a coworker at any time. 
Sign up www.dropbox.com 2GB for FREE 
A dropbox folder will be added to your computer where you want it. I like mine on the desktop! 
Add files that you know you will want at another computer (work)
Login to your dropbox at your work computer. Download it (still free) and the files you added on your other computer will be there to pull up!!!
It is awesome!! 2GB might not sound like much, but I have over 50 files and 120 pictures and I am still not halfway full on my space! Plus if you only add files that you intend to use on another computer you can just take them out of dropbox if you don't need them anymore. 

Enjoy the Technology!
Thank you Beth Billingsley at Cumberland County Board of Education


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