1st Art Show!!

I was bound and determined to get an Art Show going this year and through blood, sweat, and tears it happened. 
Hold a Spring Art Show to raise awareness and funds for the art room
Feature one work by each student in the school
Make kids proud of their hard work

The show was held in our school's "Play Room". Sort of an all purpose room the size of a small gym.
Artwork was displayed by grade and class. Kindergarten started at one end of the room and circled around to end with 6th grade and Art Enrichment in the middle! 

I had wonderful parent volunteers to help mount all the work. Work was put onto the walls using 
"2" Masking Tape". It took us a total of 3 hours to put over 500 pieces of artwork onto the walls!

Every student had an art portfolio that kept all their artwork throughout the year. 2 weeks before the Show students chose the artwork they wanted to be displayed. (with a little help from me of course)

I was so impressed to hear the students telling their family about their work and the work of others!

I take tons of pictures! So I thought it would be a great idea to have a slide show of students creating in the art room. I also included many wonderful quotes by famous artists and students! Parents loved it!!

Cookies and water greeted everyone at the door! But, next year I will have someone working the table. Our school cafeteria provided the cookies.

A table was set up for 3-D works.

Admission to the Art Show was free, but we took cash and supply donations at the door. 
We also had some door-prizes that were donated and the winners were announced the next day at school!!


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