Jackson Pollack Paintings

12" x 18" box tops or aluminum cooking pans
12" x 18" paper

Introduce students to the work of Jackson Pollack with this awesome project. This project came from the book A Work of Heart: A Year of Kindergarten Art Lessons by Janet Louise Conlin. Kinders love it!!
I chose 3 different paint colors. I would suggest colors that mix well. Because if you only use the primaries then you end up with a lot of BROWN!! 

1. Squirt the paint into the pans or lids and drop in a marble. 
2. Show students the correct way to roll the marble around by tilting the pan. Students must roll slowly or the marble will POP out and make a mess! Listen for the "OOooooos" and "Ahhhhs". 
3. But if the marble gets stuck in some of the paint use the fork to push it out. 
4. Also show them how to rake the fork through the paint for some more interesting designs. 

 Students write names on the back before they put the paper into the pan
Have students walk the pan to the drying wrack and you place them onto the wrack
I have students wash off hands with wet wash clothes because it is hard for the Kinders to reach the sink. 


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