Here we go!!

Time for a new school year!! This will be my 3rd year... actually 2nd in a 1/2 year... teaching art! I'm excited because I am finally able to really see what "worked" and "didn't work" from last year. I got my highlighters out and circled to "keep" a lesson, or a big pink "X" to loose it. 

My findings:

  • Art Centers are a life saver with Kindergarten. 3 tables with 3 different activities rotating every 15 minutes = awesome!! Usually a manipulation game, play dough, and art activity.

  • I love 1st graders!! They are up for any task! I did more types of artwork with these guys than any others. I'm excited to bring in new lessons with them this year!

  • 2nd grade was a mix of success and failure on my part. 2nd grade is still an age where I'm not sure how to push them. A lot of Xs on those lessons! 

  • 3rd grade did a lot of collage, but loved it. So now I am creating an awesome Collage Unit! 

  • 4th graders are my wonder kids! But sadly, I didn't push them enough to reach their full potential. I was very disappointed in the amount of work we actually turned out. I will be moving many lessons around with them.

  • 5th was a bit of a struggle this year. They are at that age were their skills are really developing. We didn't get in as many lessons as I would have liked because they worked so hard at each one. Which is a good thing, because their works were amazing. But this year will concentrate on focusing in on key lessons and let them create!

  • I don't know what it is, but I just can't get happy with a good 6th grade curriculum. I see these guys 50 minutes a day, 3 days a week, for 9 weeks. It's almost not enough time and then with some it's too much time... Much contemplating this year! But at least the projects that we do become favorites and the 5th graders are already asking if we will be doing them next year! Nice!
Now, back to the drawing board...


Tisha Smith said...

Hi Becca,
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...your blog is great too. This post shows how BUSY you are!! Wow every grade! How fun:)

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