Fall Leaves Crayon Resist

Warm color crayons (yellow, red, and orange) and brown
blue liquid watercolor paint

I love to start younger grades off with easy drawing projects. It is also important for students to work on their fine motor skills and tracing is a great way to do so. I begin this lesson by reviewing previous knowledge on the color wheel. We then discuss Warm and Cool colors. Talk about the changing of the leaves. If it's a nice fall day, maybe go out side and bring in some leaves. Then we talk about the organic shape of the leaves. 

How to draw a simple leaf by tracing your hand with fingers together or apart. If fingers are apart then trace across to the next finger. 
Trace enough leaves to cover most of the paper.
Show how to color heavy and dark with your crayon so we can see the beautiful colors and not the white of the paper. They may color each leaf a different warm color or use all colors on all the leaves. 

Demo how to blend with the crayons. I have students shake out their hands when they get tired.  
Now take the brown crayon and make slash lines for the vanes of the leaves.
Now use blue liquid watercolor and show students how the crayons don't like the paint so they will not let the paint cover them... Crayons resist paint!!
Cover the whole paper so no more white is showing! 

discuss way we use Blue paint.... why not a warm color?
Contrast? Difference? We can see the leaves better!!


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