Class Mascot

I have always been a fantasy fan. My favorite animal is a dragon. Yes, I know they don't exist, but that's what our imaginations are for. I have been looking for an awesome dragon mascot for my room for the past 2 years. Not your typical cheesy not scary one. So when I saw this big guy at Wal-mart for $15, I just couldn't pass him up.
Meet "Toothless"
He is from the movie "How to Train your Dragon"
I tried very hard to name him Norbert, but kids knew who he was. He is a great Classroom Management tool with the younger grades. "Oh no class, Toothless is rubbing his ears because it's so loud in here." They never want to make Toothless upset and they quiet down pretty fast after that. I love the imagination of children!
He is also a huge hit with the big kids. I constantly move where he is perched in the room. He oversees students working and participates in Art Critiques. He is also a great source for inspiration for drawings and paintings.

This painting was done by 4th grader Travis

Toothless is priceless to me because of the joy he brings my classes. I have had so many people ask to buy him from me. I just can't do it. My students and I love him too much! 


Mrs. Hahn said...

Thanks for putting me on your blog list. I like the dragon still life. That might be fun to do with my mini's. I would love to see how my 4 year old would draw some of his favorite toys:)

Becca Ruth said...

You are very welcome Mrs. Hahn! Art Teachers need to stick together and support each other.
Oh and I have also had students draw beanie babies!

Nichole Weeks said...

This sounds like a great idea! I teach 3rd-5th. Does your mascot work for the older grades as well?

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