Finished Snow Globes!

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Almost finished!
To finish our snow globes we did a fun little "Exercise" review. We jumped into the foreground, jumped into the middle ground, and jumped into the background. I was naming spaces at random and the kids were doing so well jumping into the right places. They really got the concept. We also review what we drew that was in those spaces.

Then, students finished coloring with construction paper crayons. I didn't care what color anything was as long as it was colored! 

Finally, I gave each student a 4 1/2"x 6" rectangle for their snow globe base. We did this step all together by placing the based under the globe till we didn't see top corners. Traced the bottom of the globe onto the base lightly. Remove base and glue "Baby Dots" above the smiley face line. Globe goes back on the base and we are finished. 


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