Putting it into Perspective

The school day is now 45 minutes longer due to snow days. Instead of using the 35 minute extra art time for each class to continue to work on their current classwork, I've changed my perspective and decided to give each class a little challenge! 

2nd grade class #1 dove into perspective after watching a cool Reading Rainbow video on 1 point perspective. I borrowed an Elmo (document camera with projector) from their teacher to demo this lesson. . . I shouldn't have borrowed it because now I'm foaming at the mouth to have one. 

I copied off my own "Complete the Picture 1 Point Perspective Railroad Track" page. The picture had a horizon line, vanishing point, one diagonal line for the train track, one small telephone pole, and one large telephone pole. Students completed their pictures while I demoed on the Elmo. 
Supplies: "Complete the Picture page"
ruler, pencil, and eraser. 
Horizon line
Vertical, Diagonal, Curvy lines
Vanishing Point
Foreground, Middle ground, Background
Diagonal line
Construction lines
Awesome results!

2nd grade class #2 watched the same video, but this time I let them follow along with the artist that drew the 1 P.P. train track. Sorry no pics from that one. The students liked it so much I decided that we should try some shapes. 
So we drew our Horizon line, vanishing point, and four shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, and circle). I told them we were going to use the same technique with our shapes and they would follow along while I demoed.  Students connected points and curves of their shapes to the vanishing point. Once two shapes were done together, students caught on and I let them continue on. Some even added more shapes with some stencils from the Free Choice Shelf. 


Blue-Bird said...

Really good results for 2nd grade! Did they like to do the drawing? My 8th graders don't like perspecive very much ...

Blue-bird at

Blue-Bird said...

Amazing results for 2nd graders! I gave a shout out to your blog in this post: http://artlessonsfrombelgium.blogspot.com/2011/02/you-have-to-know-basics.html

Keep up the good work!

ps: did my other comment get lost somewhere?

Becca Ruth said...

Hey Blue-Bird,
You're comment didn't get lost. I have to view the comments before they are posted.
The 2nd graders loved this project because they thought it was like MAGIC! They couldn't believe that they could do it! Thanks so much for the shout out. I will have to use the Mona Lisa video in my class.

Mrs. Art Teacher said...

What Reading Rainbow video did you show? We struggle with perspective and adding a little Reading Rainbow sounds like just the thing we need!

Becca Ruth said...

It is called Opt. It's all about Optical Illusions and Trompe L'oeil.

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