Watercolor Animal Weavings 4th grade Part I

I am so excited about this project! I have never done a watercolor weaving and really wanted to try it out with my forth graders. 
The Student Will draw two pictures exactly the same of a real or make believe animal using pencil and black crayon that fill 80% of the space.
TSW paint both pictures using watercolors with one picture painted using cool colors and the other painted using warm colors
TSW cut one painting into 1 1/2" strips, horizontally for the Weft
TSW fold the second paper in half "hot dog" style and cut 1 1/2" sections apart vertically for the Warp leaving an inch at the top and bottom. 
TSW will weave the Weft papers through the Warp papers to create a watercolor weaving. 

Here we go
Day 1: We got warmed up by drawing a few animals to get the students in the mood. I made folders with simple "How to draw Animals" sheets for each table. Students didn't have to use the sheets, but this did help with those who were "stuck". 

Some students even combined two animals! 
A Liophin!
Students drew the first drawing with pencil and then traced it with black crayon. The second paper was placed on top of the first so you could see through the paper to trace with black crayon once again. 
Viola! Two identical drawings!
 Day Two: Use watercolors to paint one picture with warm colors...
 and the other with cool!
I am so proud of the 4th grade drawings and I can pledge that I didn't touch 90% of them!! 
Stay tuned for Part II!


Phyl said...

Hmmm - I like the warm/cool idea, but you're cutting BOTH pics? I'm wondering if the one you cut VERTICALLY should be folded and sliced to an inch from each end, so that the warp is attached at both ends. Then it would be stable to weave through the horizontal strips. Or are you gluing them onto a 3rd sheet or frame? In other words, what holds the warp in place when you weave? Maybe you have a great plan in place that I'm not "seeing" yet!

Becca Ruth said...

Thank you so much for your comment. We have not reached this step yet and I am working on it myself this weekend. I have not done weaving with paper in so long I didn't even think it through all the way.
We will be folding one in half and cutting up till we come an inch from the edge. Thanks again Phyl!! I always enjoy your feedback. I'm also going to revise my post to include this. This is why I love blogging :)

Phyl said...

I came back to check and make sure I hadn't offended you! Glad I didn't - I do paper weaving every year at the 2nd grade level and am pretty ritual about the fold and cut routine. I hope yours are successful - they should look really cool if you can get the drawings to line up. You'll probably have to discard the top and bottom and bottom slice of drawing you cut for weaving.

Becca Ruth said...

It takes a lot to offend me :) BUt oh yes we will discard the top and the bottom. Some may need to discard a piece or two more than others. You never know.

Art Project Girl said...

I am looking forward to seeing these. I have seen that accordion folded op art peoject done before. Where the two pics are cut onto strips then glued on each side of the folds. So the picture changed depending on where youre standing. (a log of prep in that project) but saw this.

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