Simple Kinder Snowman Painting Part 2 along with Snow day updates

After painting our snowmen in Simple Kinder Snowman Painting Part 1, the paint has dried and we are ready to finish up. 
The kinders learned that Construction Paper crayons are special crayons we use for colored papers. Students drew simple details to make their paintings come to life. 

Now for the snow days update:

Tennessee was fortunate to not be hit by the massive snow storm that rocked most of the country this week. But we have had 17 snow days since December. We may actually make it one whole work week. But alas, they are calling for snow mid day tomorrow. :(

We were only allowed 13 snow days. To make up the extra days we are using teacher inservice days, and President's day. Then today, the big decision was made......
We will be going 45 minutes longer for 9 days to make up for each day that is left to be made up... We'll see how this pans out.. I am concerned that I may not be able to have my after school art enrichment program. I'm not sure that parents want to have their kids stay longer after already being at school 45 extra minutes... I am interested in seeing how the school day schedule will be worked out. 

So I will look on the bright side of things, which is that I will be able to complete more projects in this extended time. Maybe even have students keep an art journal which I have never really had the time for. I have to say, I don't think the students will mind the extra ART time :)


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