Watercolor Animal Weavings 4th grade Part II

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Day 3: We discussed weaving with the Warp and Weft. All students had finished painting one of the two drawings and were ready to create the warp of their weaving. 
Place painting horizontally facing up and fold "hot dog" style. Place on the table with the opening of the hot dog at the top and the fold at the bottom! (very important)
Line up a 1 1/2" paper strip (or rulers) at the top of the hot dog and trace a horizontal line. 
Turn paper strip vertically and line up under the horizontal line. Trace vertically across the paper. 
Cut along vertical lines and STOP just past the horizontal line. (we stop just past the line so that we have some wiggle room)
Students that were not finished painting their second drawing continued to paint while the others finished the weaving. 
Create the Weft with your second painting. Turn the painting over to the back and place it vertically on the table. Now, trace the  1 1/2" paper strip vertically across the paper. 
Cut painting apart along vertical lines.
Arrange painting back together like a puzzle and take away the top and bottom strips if your painting was drawn horizontal, or the left and right strips if your painting was draw vertically. (we will not have room for these two pieces)
Take the first weft strip and weave it over and under through the warp. Tuck it into the correct place in the picture. Continue with the next weft strip, but this time start under and then repeat over under till finished. Proceed with remaining weft strips. 
Usually 5 to 10 students completed this step on Day 3. Normally I would worry because many others still need to finish. However, this was a great way to see student mastery. All students that finished on day 3 were my teaching assistants on the forth and final day of weaving. I was so pleased with the students results and my assistants were wonderful "Little Art Teachers"!

Overall I am very pleased with this lesson. I do think that next year I will have students paint a simple one color background, but I am still so pleased. 


Phyl said...

I think these came out terrific! Very cool!!!

Kristyn said...

Love them! Isn't great when you have a project that covers so many concepts. Good work!

Blue-Bird said...

I agree with Phyl. The results are nice. They made some very cute animals!

Phyl said...

Stylish blogger awards are making their rounds, and I've got one for you! Check my blog for details.

brookie said...

What size paper did you use?

Becca Ruth said...

12"x18" paper

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your wonderfully unique ideas. I have my very first classroom teaching position with grade 5/6 and am excited to try your ideas!

Becca Ruth said...

You're welcome Meghan! Good luck!

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