Space with Snow Globes Part 1

(project not finished)

To begin this lesson we looked at the art of Georges Seurat 
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
This work gives a wonderful example of Foreground, Middle Ground, and Background
Explain what each word means and then discuss what and who from the art work are in the different Spaces.
Who is in the Foreground? "The lady with the big bottom!"
How do you know she's in the front? "She's big!"
As we continue the discussion we also talk about Small, Medium, and Large.
I then pick a few students to stand in each Space in the room. I move around the room while the standing students stay in place to show how the Space they occupy changes as the viewer moves around the room. 
The students quickly get the point. 

Now for the lesson. 
Space with Snow Globes
Supplies: any color 9"x12" construction paper
   4"x6" brown or tan construction paper for the base of snow globe
   circle template to be traced for globe
   black crayons
   construction paper crayons
Begin by having students select their color paper. Trace the circle template for their globe and cut out. Students help each other by one student holding the template and they other tracing and then they switch. Name and Code on the back.

Drawing: I demo each step on the board and the students follow along.
Draw what's in the Foreground first. The snowman sits at the bottom and his head comes to the middle of the globe. I use a lot of shape words to help students draw.

Middle ground Trees: Put finger on the snowman's belly and move to the side. Draw a standing up rectangle for the tree trunk and a triangle for the top of the tree. Do the same for the tree on the other side, but maybe have this tree start to the side of the snowman's neck.

Background mountains: Draw a horizon line to show where the ground stops and the mountains begin. When you draw your line make sure you stop when you hit something, then pick up, and start your line on the other side. Now draw zig-zag lines for the mountains. Show snow on your mountains by adding more zig-zags. 
Students add details and trace drawing with a black crayon. (I left this part out in some classes just to see which I liked better)
Use construction paper crayons to color your globe. 

Stay tuned for the finished project complete with base!
(Whenever I get back to school that is...Snow day #16!)


pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Fun!! I used to make snow globes with cut paper with my students in the winter -- I love the way you used paint with the little ones, looks like a fun and successful project! : )

pink and green mama,

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