New Year

   On the last day of my winter break I'm thinking of and; I'm not gonna lie, dreading tomorrow. I love my job, but breaks are wonderful. Those who do not teach don't understand the wonderful joy we educators take in our breaks. Teaching young minds is the greatest opportunity in the world and the breaks are just a bonus. I wouldn't trade my job for anything. 
  This school year has already been crazy! My wedding took most of my time from August to October, but I never let my job nor my duties slip. I am proud of the work and lessons taught during the first semester. I am still a "New" teacher and of course I am always wanting to improve my curriculum. So I constantly scan blogs, read art education books, blog and develop new and exciting lessons. I can't wait to see what 2011 brings. 

Here are some New Year's resolutions for my classroom:
More 3D sculpture projects
All classes get to do clay this year! (Thanks to Dainelle McDainel The Clay Lady)
Wild About Art themed Art Show in May (my first year to take on a theme)
Constant good classroom management
Maintaining the school website ( I am one of the webmasters)
Making the rest of this year count!

There may be big changes with 2011. My husband graduated last May and is on the job hunt for his great career. I know he will be great at whatever he does. With his possible career opportunities may come a change in location. New doors may open. I would miss my students horribly and this is why I want to give them my best for the rest of the year. 

Here's to all you Art Eddys out there! Raise your glass to a wonderful 2011!


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