Fundraiser II

   I am lucky to be at such a great school that has a nice art budget, but it is always nice to do a little fundraising to take your art program to the next level. I always plan for two fundraisers a year. Fall Festival clay pinch pots and the art show. This post is going to be all about Fall Festival.
   At the end of last year I had a lot of extra clay in a bag or two which equaled to about 25lbs give or take... Fall Festival was just around the corner and I had an idea. Take the extra clay and have kids make them into small pinch pots for fall festival! As you would recall my last post about The Clay Lady and her make and paint all in one seating program. I would use this same program for Fall Festival. Here's how I did it:

1. Ask for some help! I have asked teacher friends who didn't have a booth and my husband to help out. Even parent volunteers.

2. Roll extra clay into small fist sized balls. (I don't have to wedge my clay because I use the clay lady method of firing that insures no blow ups) Keep in closed bag with damp cloth during festival.

3. Arrange your classroom for Stations. I do a kinda L shape
Here is how the order goes:
  A. Paying station: tickets or cash (teacher friend Kristina with clay examples)
  B. Making station: show how to make the pot, put name & grade on bottom of pot, place on a small paper plate with grade 

  C. painting station: I have warm colors on one table & cool on another.
  D. Drying station: Clay drying rack
  E. Sink for washing hands (notice I placed the drying rack next to the sinks!)

4. When all my leftover clay is gone.. It's over! I have older students come and help wipe down my tables and rearrange my room. 

With the Clay Lady Way firing I have the clay pots dry to bone dry at least a week. Dip in Clay Lady glaze. Fire in the kiln one time but it's a two day fire process. I put the pots into the kiln by grades so if they don't all fit at once I can at least get a few grades done. When all pots are finished I will make announcements at the end of the day for students to come down by grades to pick up. 

Was it worth it? YES! HUGE SUCCESS! 96 clay pots made! I made enough to pay for way more than what the one 25lb bag of clay costs and 1/4 of each color of my clay paints were actually used. I also bought one package of small paper plates for $2.96. The longest process was rearranging my tables so that parents and students wouldn't just wander around the room. 


Mrs. Hahn said...

I love the CLAY LADY! I saw her speak in MN last year for the National Art Education convention. She has such energy. I bet it was fun to bring her in. I loved her projects!

Becca Ruth said...

Mrs. Hahn,
I've actually never had her actually come to my school. We're a little too far away for her to come and see. But I have attended many of her workshops and have worked with her in the past. She is a wonderful person! And of course I love her stuff!!

Molly Stewart said...

Great Fundraiser idea, thanks for the advise!

If you have some time, check out my blog:


Molly Stewart said...

Great fundraiser idea! I look forward to learning more about the clay lady :)


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