Thank you Clay Lady!

I am so grateful for the generous donation of all our clay supplies by Danielle McDaniel "The Clay Lady"
The Clay Lady adopts a school each year. Normally we only have enough money in our budget for a few grades to do clay. The students were so excited to hear that they would all get to do CLAY!! 
Here is why "I teach clay The Clay Lady way!"

The projects are made and decorated in one sitting. There is only one firing per project load. After only air-drying the project, you can glaze and do just one firing to complete, enabling you a 7-10 day turn-around on projects. The Clay Lady Way® of firing guarantees no blow-ups! 

Check out The Clay Lady for yourself. 

Made in one class and being painted with Clay Lady Clay Paints

You can also make in one class, cover in plastic and then continue another day.

Air dried projects.

Glazed and fired one time!! No blow ups!
(these pics are from my cell phone. Sorry for the quality.)


Angie said...

How great that you had all of that donated! I took a clay lady workshop when I taught in TN. I still use a lot of her techniques with relating coils to food and using a toothbrush. I also follow her firing schedule, except I use regular glazed and fire twice.

artteachergirl said...

I'm headed to The Clay Lady site...these are wonderful! I have close to 700 students and dread clay firing like a toothache. Wonderful donation!

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