Finally, I am creating for myself again! I am not the best artist. I can't find my own inspiration. I always need a prompt. Well this Christmas gave a lot of prompts. First, I drew my husband's aunt's name for Secret Santa. She told me (before she knew I drew her name) that she had always wanted something made by me. So pressure was on.
   I have not truly created my own stuff in a long time... maybe a year or two! I was determined to get back in the game. Fortunately, mother nature helped me out by giving my county lots of snow days before Christmas! So, bored and stuck, I got to work. 
  The aunt has two of the cutest dogs and they are like her children. I love those two doggies to death. I'm a huge animal lover, which sort of inspires me. Her husband emailed me some pics of the pups and here is what I came up with:
Sammie, acrylic, 8"x10"
Becca Ruth
Meet Sammie. She is a loving girl. A mix breed of some sort, but she doesn't care. She is laid back and has the softest fur of any dog I know. Sammie makes me think of warm colors because of her personality. The background is a mix of yellows and oranges. I even took an old picture frame, primed, and repainted it to look a bit distressed. 
Emma, acrylic, 8"x10"
Becca Ruth
This is EMMA! Emma is a happy happy puppy. A Jack Russell Terrier that really lives up to the breed. She loves her "babies" or toys rather and will do anything to keep them away from Sammie. She also loves her Momma Jennifer. Emma's coloring is a unique blend of browns, grays, and white. She also looks sassy in her pink collar. My favorite part about painting this picture was her wirey fur. I just love texture! 
If you're wondering why I didn't center these two pics, it's because I don't like to put the subject of my works in the center. They would have looked more off center if I would have remembered that I only had 8x10 frames.... I painted the portraits on 9x12...

Lastly, I made my first cake!! I love the craze with all the cake shows on television. The Cake Boss is my favorite. I was given a cake decorating set by my brother and his family last Christmas and have been practicing off and on ever since. So after many You Tube tutorials..... here it is!!
Not the Next Great Baker.... but not too bad for my first. I can't wait to make more!! 


Hannah- Art.Paper.Scissors.Glue! said...

Looks GREAT!! The dogs are adorable! I know exactly what you mean about being stuck in a rut making art. I find very little time on my own during the school year to make art, and when I do... I never know where to start!

I posted something on my blog called "Art Wars." It's a website where they offer an art challenge and accept entries every month? (I think). But the prize is money! Could be the little kick of inspiration you might need...

Keep up the art making and baking, it's looking great!

Becca Ruth said...

Thanks Hannah! I will check that out!

Phyl said...

Your paintings and cake are cute! I don't like Cake Boxx - too much yelling - but I absolutely ADORE the show Ace of Cakes. I'd like to work there - it seems like such a sweet work environment.

Phyl said...

OOPS I meant Cake BOSS not Cake BOXX! Sorry about that. Still "Ace of Cakes" is better!

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