Oh Wow!!

How crazy this first month of school has been. I feel like it is all a blur!! It is crazy how tired I am. Everyone told me my first year energy would putter out... well, year 3 and it's going fast! 
I wanted to give you a sneak peak and an inside look at the goings on in the art room this month. The followup lessons on these sneak peaks will be coming soon!!

My school wedding shower!
(no followup on this, but it was a big part of the start of school)
Symmetrical Name Aliens 5th grade
Joan Miro Animals 1st & 2nd grade
Piet Mondrian Animals 3rd grade
6th grade Still Life Paintings
Fall Festival Fundraiser (Clay Pinch Pots)
6th grade Abstracts
Stay tuned for the finished products!


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