No Cookie Cutter Art Projects

I support the "No Cookie-Cutter" Art Projects movement.
Thanks to Erica at Art Project Girl
I am a step by step teacher, but I will not use cut out sheets for every single project, I will not draw everything out for the child that doesn't understand. Instead I will encourage and show the student that if you "Make a Mistake, Make It Great" -  Adventures of an Art Teacher
Please note that I do not consider teachers that may use "Cooke Cutter" projects to be bad teachers. All art teachers are wonderful in their own special way. We all have our own styles. It is just not my preference. 


Phyl said...

Gutsy girl, to post the cookies! I like your attitude! And I agree totally; kids need the structure of learning to follow steps, and will learn from making mistakes, and will discover that mistakes sometimes bring about the best results.

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