Can You Find My Name?

2nd graders learned about the Abstract art of Wassily Kandinsky and created these awesome Abstracts! 
I like to start off the year with a few fun name projects. I thought of this lesson while creating a lesson about Abstract art for my 6th graders. We began by looking at Wasilly Kandinsky's painting Harmonie Tranquille. 
I asked students to describe to me what they see. "Lines, shapes, bugish things, colors!" and the list goes on. I asked them to talk some more about the lines and shapes to do a little recall from last year. Then we talked about how Kandinsky created Abstract paintings that didn't make since to anyone but him. 
So the students were super excited to create their own Abstracts!
Materials: any sized watercolor paper, black oil pastels or crayons, watercolor paint. 
Line, Shape, Abstract Art, and Wassily Kandinsky

Students begin by ABSTRACTING their names. The letters of their name are written small, BIG, sideways, upside-down, and all around using a black oil pastel.
Next students added the 5 kinds of line: Vertical (stand-up line), Horizontal (laying down line), Diagonal (slash), Curvy, and Zig-zag.
Then they add a few of their favorite Geometric Shapes.
Finally, students paint their Abstracts with watercolors. Students could paint inside their lines or all over. As it is an Abstract! 

The students loved the freedom of this project and it allowed all students to come out of their "I can't draw" shell!


Erica said...

This is wonderful. Great minds think alike! I did a name design where we had to look at our name in a "new" way. We talked about how artists look at things in new ways. I'll post some when they are finished. They are really interesting and full of movement!

Becca Ruth said...

Awesome! And Movement! Why didn't I think of that?

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