Falling Names

The inspiration for this lesson came from Deep Space Sparkle's Name Line Drawing
It's another name design for the beginning of the year. I like this lesson because it puts a little twist to your typical line design. I wanted the names to look like they were falling. Well, what better way then with some dynamic lines! 

Materials: 12" x 18" paper, Precut letters A - Z(I used 3" letters) one set for each of your tables, permanent markers, colored washable markers

We first studied Line and the 5 types of lines. Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, Curvy, and Zig-zag.
Students were to trace the letters of their name with permanent markers starting with the first letter of their name at the bottom of the paper and working their way up.
*TIP* We opened our portfolios under our paper for a nice working mat so that the marker would not bleed through.
They could overlap their letters by placing a second letter on top of the first, trace, stop when you hit the first letter, jump it and continue to trace the 2nd letter. The students really enjoyed that!
Next, students created the illusion of letters falling into turmoil by drawing the 5 types of line with the permanent marker.
I ask them to raise their hand for a teacher check before they move on to the colored markers. This way I can take up the permanent marker so it will not accidently end up in a marker box!!!
Finally, students may color designs inside their letters. 
This lesson took two 50 minute classes.
More pics to come. 


Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

Cool project.

I do like the look of your blog.

Becca Ruth said...

Thanks, Mini Matisse had this background first and I loved it.

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