Name Aliens... Bugs... Whatever!

Such a huge success!
 I have called these designs bugs and aliens. Students prefer aliens because I began this project right after the movie Monsters vs. Aliens came out. I use to do this lesson as a one day filler lesson without the paint. But this year I decided to take it a little further.

12"x18" white 60 weight drawing paper, black oil pastels, pencils, crayons, liquid watercolor

We began by talking about two kinds of Balance: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical
I called on students to give me examples of shapes that were symmetrical and then asymmetrical. 

The first step was to fold your 12"x18" paper in half like a hot dog and then open it back up and turn the paper horizontally. 
"We want these Aliens big!" Therefore, students should write their name (with pencil) in cursive starting on the fold line and having their capital letter almost touch the top. (I always find that cursive brings the best results)
Once they have written their names with pencil, students will trace over their names with a black oil pastel. 
Next, fold the paper back in half like a hot dog and use a ruler to rub over the paper heavily. Please be sure not to rub too hard or the paper will tear. Students open their paper to see that the name has transfered. The transfer will be light so they will need to retrace the new side with the black oil pastel.   
Students may add new body parts and such to their Aliens, but the designs are symmetrical! What you add to one side must be added on the other!! 
Now, use crayons to add color to your Alien.
Once students have colored their Alien heavy and dark, the next step is to choose one color of Liquid watercolor paint.
( I pour them each a little of the color they want into a condiment cup and I add some water to make the paint last longer)

 Simply AWESOME! I didn't have one student that was not pleased by their Alien.


Phyl said...

Cute. I don't know why I never thought to use oil pastel for transfer. It's so frustrating to transfer pencil - thanks for the idea.

Becca Ruth said...

Oil pastel works the best. You can also use black crayon but you would have to rub harder for it to transfer. The only down side to oil pastel is that it will smudge if students lay their hands on it. So I have to remind them to work from one side to the other.

Mrs. Jahnig said...

I've seen versions of the project and now I MUST try it!!! love your examples!

Erica said...

These are the best name bugs ever! I've seen this project but this is my absolute favorite version. I will try this later in the year now that you've inspired me.
Sorry I didn't post the color thing sooner. I left my camera at someones house which is why I haven't been posting projects last week:)

Becca Ruth said...

Thanks so much Erica! We're both on the same wave length! I will use your lesson this week to modify mine. :)

Amy said...

I Love this and so did my students. I did not have access to pastels or paint on the day I had them do this. I had them use a sharpie to outline their name and then fold their paper over and hold it to the window for the other side. Worked great. Thanks for sharing.

rachelle said...

These are such great name bugs/aliens! Thank you for sharing!

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