"That Little Art Teacher"

Hello all!
   While surfing the internet one day I ran across the blog Mrs. Art Teacher! Sound familiar? Yes I know the name of my blog used to be Ms. Art Teacher... I love the other Mrs. Art Teacher's blog! I noticed that she had been at this blogging thing a lot longer than I have and I felt bad for having a name so similar. 
   Thus, I have decided to change my blog name to "That Little Art Teacher". Why that name you may ask? When I meet new people in my profession and ,they can't remember my name, they almost always refer to me as "That Little Art Teacher". Not that I'm tiny or anything... far from it... but I'm short and I still look like a teenager. Not a bad thing, I know, but the title seems to stick around. I guess I'll stick it on my blog! 


Phyl said...

From one little art teacher to another - I like the name! Funny how being short makes people always think you are younger than you are. I mean, my hair is WHITE - you think they'd realize I'm not 20 any more.

Phyl said...

I was reading your post on Mr. E's blog and am curious as to how stuff works in different parts of the country. I noted you have 13 built in school days!!! WOW. We in snowy northern NY have three. How do you find those 13 days? Do you have a mandated # of days of school each year? I know you start earlier than us but you end earlier than us too, so I'm struggling to figure out how you can have so many snow days and still have enough days in session. Can you explain the system please?

Becca Ruth said...

I will check in on exactly how it works. I don't want to type things that aren't correct. I work in East Tn where there is a lot more snow and ICE than the rest of our State. We have more days than say Mr. E's county because of our geography for one. We also have many back rounds which make awful road conditions. Even with that said we are not equipped for this type of snow. It looks like it happens a lot, but really it only snows every so often two months out of the year. We missed 5 days for 2 days of actual snowfall. It never melted! We have missed more than 13 days due to snow and therefor have had to give up our spring break and sometimes we go into summer. Hope that helps, I will ask around for more details. :)

Becca Ruth said...

Phyl I did some more research and I don't know why I forgot this... We go 30 minutes longer during the school day all year in order to have those snow days available.

Phyl said...

Thanks for the answers. We are so lucky that we have the road equipment to plow and salt and sand when weather strikes, because here in the Adirondacks, there will be snow on the ground all the time from now probably through February or so. It rarely melts away, so it just piles up! The temperature has been consistently below freezing for more than a week now, brrr!! I also work in a rural school district with hilly back roads, but ice is the only thing that slows us down. Snow is not a factor due to regular plowing and sanding, and people who are used to driving in snowy conditions.

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