GLUE! What do you stick with?

Glue is a huge must have material in the art room. Have you had love hate relationships with glue?

 I love the old stand by of the Elmer's liquid School Glue for 1st - 8th grades
My students learn to use "Baby Dots" and not "Big Daddy Dots"
If it gets on our hands we rub them together and turn it to "Dust"
I buy the glue gallons for refills.
Downside: Messy and clogs 
I teach students to get rid of their "glue boogers" when they close their glue. hahaha

I also use Elmer's Stick glue for all grades. Student's learn that we just want to see "A Peak" of the glue when we roll it up. It's also a good tool to teach Right and Left. 
Downside: wasteful ( you can't keep your eye on every child to see that they only use a peak of glue)
I buy more stick glue than anything throughout the year.

I don't think they make it anymore thank goodness! 
Dick Blick stick glue! I don't usually put down Blick's materials, but this one was awful! It dried out after the first use!! even when used and closed correctly! 

Now I want to know.... What are your thoughts on BEST and WORST glues?


Mr. E said...

I do not use stick glue at all in my room. I've never had grate luck with stick glue. I just don't feel it "sticks"! Though Ross stick glue did smell like fruit loops..which was great!! :) ha ha I love Elmers...the regular..not washible or whatever it is. Do you have the gal. glue pump? SOOOO WORTH IT!!!!!!!

Becca Ruth said...

Totally agree with you Mr. E. I will only use stick glue if it is Kinders on a quick project day or with magazine clippings. I will look into this pump thing! Thank you!

Lori- funart4kids.blogspot.com said...

Glue...what a pain. I have the kids trained to keep the Elmer's closed so they can first pick off the dried glue- then twist open. The only glue stick I can tolerate is the washable Crayola "flash light" glue (it is shaped like that) which smells like Dr. Pepper! It is only used for desperate and quick moments. I do not think there is a solution to our torment! That's where we should all make our million- get thinking!

swims_atmidnight said...

I have the pump and it only went half way down the bottle! It was such a bizarre concept to me!

lauralee said...

I'm with Mr. e.-- LOVE the glue pump and good old elmers. I do use the big yellow UHU glue sticks too.

Barbarasthoughtoftheday said...

Kids don't use glue sticks in my room, too expensive. (But I sometimes use the big ones for mounting artwork...Elmers, but not the washable one). Love the glue pump. I use "glue pots"...baby food jars and cheap plastic brushes to apply glue. Kids drop their brush into a can of water after using and there they stay until the next use. No need to rinse.
I also love the tiny 49 cent size glue bottles for glue batik or glue and pastel type projects because they're easy squeezie.
Love Yes paste, too.

Becca Ruth said...

Never thought about Glue Pots! NEAT! I was so surprised today when one of my parents/colleagues' daughter told her not to use "Daddy Dots" on an at home art project. My friend was confused until she said her daughter explained my gluing definitions!! So thrilled that they remember!

Mr. E said...

our school always says dot dot not a lot....then I added scribble scrabble it out(so that the glue covers the back). It works pretty well.

taramarie88 said...

I like good old fashion Elmer's....and I bought two gallons my first year for refills. Why do I still have them you ask? Because I hate refilling the bottles. Too messy and I always get a callus on my hand trying to unscrew the lids off. My solution to this problem is to buy a TON of elmer's glue at the beginning of the school year from Walmart when they are $.25 a bottle. So what if I spend a tad bit more? My time is so stretched that rather not mess with refilling. Also, I like the Elmer's clear glue for myself when I hang multiple art work on butcher paper. Then I hot glue the butcher paper to our brick wall hallways. Maybe I should try the pump!

Anonymous said...

Crayola No-Clog Glue is my favorite bottle! I've had them for 2 years and haven't had to un-clog a glue bottle yet! I refill them with Elmers.

Our motto: A dot does a lot, a glob is a slob.

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