Gingerbread Houses 2

I wanted to revise a wonderful lesson because, after all, do we ever teach a lesson the same? I hardly ever do. I'm still a "new" teacher, so I am always revising. Here are a few new steps and pictures from a favorite lesson.
(I will add more pics once I finally go back to work from all these snow days)
This is my example that is kept in view on the board. I am not against showing examples. I instruct that they do not have to copy, but they may get some inspiration. 

12"x18" white paper
1- 9"x12" piece brown construction paper cut in half for each student
(house and roof)
1 green scrap paper for tree tops
many other colors of construction paper 
 (I let my kids dig through the "scrap box" for this project.)
Elmer's glue 
construction paper crayons

What collage is and show an example
We discuss that to create a collage we will have to draw and cut out a lot of shapes. I draw different shapes on the board and they students shout out what they are as I go. I pretend that I am trying to stump them! I go back over geometric, organic, and freeform shapes.
This would be a good time to read a great Gingerbread type story.

Before I demo anything with this project I teach gluing!!
Gluing!! I teach my students to use "Baby dots" spread apart and not right on the edge.
I show what to do if glue gets on your hands or drips out. If it gets on your hands, rub them together and turn it to dust! (They love turning it to dust, but not enough to do it on purpose because their hands get real hot when they rub) If glue leaks on the paper, use a paper towel to wipe away.
I teach that when you create a collage you need to glue down the background (what is in the back) 1st!

(Steps 1 - 2 are demoed on the board and done together)
1. use your two brown pieces of construction paper to make the house
Glue down one for the house
Cut a triangle out of the other one for the roof, glue and put above the house
I tell students that their roof can look different from mine but they have to make it out of the other piece of brown paper.
2. Use the scraps you have left from the brown and make two rectangles for the tree trunks.
3. Use the green scrap piece and draw your tree tops. Tree tops could be triangles or organic shapes.
4. Students may now create the rest of the house themselves. Remember to DRAW, CUT, GLUE!!
(they have already done this process along with me and understand why it is easier)
4. Go through the scrap box and find papers for: windows, doors, people, trees, decorations, etc.
I call one quite table at a time to go to the box and once every table has scraps they may go get another as they need it. :)
5. Draw, cut, glue what's on the house
6. Draw, cut, glue what's beside the house
7. Finally, use construction paper crayons to complete your collage


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