Art Student Teacher Part 2

Before my student teachers arrived I thought about what I wanted to know as a student teacher... How is this classroom run, schedule, school policies / procedures, extra duties, clubs, and so on.  I also wanted to know what the teacher would expect of me and how they would "grade" me.

Upon our first meeting, I would look over Jessica's post over at The Art Of Education about the Top 10 Challenges of Managing an Art Room. I believe those are great stepping stones on which to discuss. 

The first document I gave them was this document, which explained my basic classroom procedures. 
They would also see this in action while observing for the first few days, but chances are they never get to see you explain all this to the kids. This document includes all the important "first days of school" information. As we all know, the first day is the most important, and most student teachers don't get to see you on the first day of school. 

The second document was a copy of my Pro and Con sheet. This sheet allowed me to write comments about the Pros and Cons of the lesson and or teaching. I would make copies of this front and back to save paper. I filled this out during 85% of the lessons they taught while I observed. We would always go over this sheet at the end of the day or during planning time.  I made sure to go over consistencies and inconsistencies during teaching. It is very important to remember that you are giving constructive criticism. 
Always go over a teaching schedule with your protege. Some universities will provide you with one to follow, but you may always make adjustments.  My schedule was as follows:
9 week student teacher
    Week 1: observe classes and assist during planning
    Week 2: observe and assist with classes and planning
Mentor teacher will assist in lessons taught by the student, observe, and take constructive notes
    Week 3: teach two (grade levels) of mentor teacher lessons, observe, and assist with classes and planning.
    Week 4: teach three (grade levels) of mentor teacher lessons, observe, and assist with classes and planning. Begin developing student teacher lessons. 
    Week 5: teach four (grade levels) of mentor teacher lessons, observe, and assist with classes and planning. Plan student teacher lessons. 
Mentor teacher will back away from assisting with lessons, but continue to observe and take notes
    Week 6: teach four (grade levels) of mentor teacher lessons and one student teacher lesson, and assist with classes and planning. Plan and implement student teacher lessons (1 to 2)
    Week 7: teach all classes of mentor teacher lessons and one to two student teacher lessons, and assist with planning
Mentor teacher will not assist with lessons, but will observe and take notes
   Week 8: Teach all classes of mentor and student teacher lessons, prepare, and plan future lessons.  No assistance will be given by mentor teacher during prep time. (mentor teacher must leave the room during at least two lessons)
   Week 9: Begin to phase mentor teacher back in. Monday: Teach all lessons. Tuesday: Teach 4 lessons. Wednesday: Teach 3 lessons. Thursday: Teach 2 lessons. Friday: Teach 1 lesson. 

This plan allowed for phase in and a quick phase out. The student teacher will be observed by a university official during this time as well.  I believe that the 8th week is the one that the most learning takes place. During that week I will not help with prep or during the lessons at all unless there are small things. I even make sure to be out of the room (working on my own plans of course) during some of these lessons.  They are basically on their own during this week.  The only reason I would not follow this plan would be if I had an ineffective student teacher and I knew my students were not getting the content and instruction they needed. 

It is my hope that this post will help those of you who have never hosted a student teacher or perhaps give you some new ideas.  I encourage each of you to try hosting a student teacher at least once in your careers. To see why I love having student teachers see my last post: Do You Want a Student Teacher? 


Phyl said...

One thing that is very important to student teachers- having their own 'place' in your room -a little desk of their own or some sort of place to organize their stuff, so they are not at YOUR desk. They told me this was very empowering. My custodians found an old desk, and my last student teacher hung all the art the kids gave her on it, and treated it like it was her very own palace. It was so cute.

Becca Ruth said...

Phyl you are so right! I meant to say something about that. I had a huge horseshoe shaped desk arrangement at my last school and I gave them a third of it. Usually opposite from the side I actually used as a work space.

Katie Morris said...

Is that the schedule that the two of you developed or given to you by the university? I have a student teacher for the first time this semester and she was expected to have the full schedule, full time teaching her lessons, for at least 4 weeks. She's got about 2 1/2 weeks left and is almost done with her lessons. I'l be starting new lessons of mine next week and we'll just team teach until she's done.

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