200 and Ahh-Ha Kindergarten Cutting

Thank you loyal followers! My little blog has reached 200 followers and is reaching 200,000 views! Thank you for always checking in time after time. 

Now for my AHH-HA moment.
My school has been low on paper this year.  Budget stuff, you know how it goes.  Therefore, any copies we make need to be reasonable.  Well, it's time for me to test some Kinder cutting skills.  I always wait until a month into school to do this.  In the past I have used this idea I got from Fun Art 4 Kids
I love this idea!  Working on cutting skills and showing growth from the beginning of the year and then again at the end of the year.  Students can take this home to show their parents as well.  But, this year I wasn't sure I wanted to use the paper just for this.  
So I thought to myself... How can we still work on cutting skills alone, and have it be repurposed... 
Why don't Kinders cut paper to be used for other projects.  Just like Painted Paper and Deep Space Sparkle have students paint and paint papers to use for other projects.  But, what to have them cut... I want to use my construction paper for other things...
My wonderful father-in-law works for Sherwin Williams and donated a ton of wall paper books just waiting for collages. 
Let's let those Kinders cut on these.  Here's the idea:
I love to use wall paper books, but don't always like the "big" paper covering the tables making mass chaos.  So I'm going to exacto the papers out of the books. Then draw out some quick squigglish, and straight lines and have the Kinders cut up the papers.  I know I will have to draw the lines, but it doesn't take long to draw simple curvy and straight lines.  I may even ask some student helpers to draw the lines during a "free choice" time. 
I will put the cut up wall paper pieces into my Warm - Cool - Neutral scrap drawers so they can be used for collages and mosaics. 
Wallpaper and what the back will look like before cutting.  Notice the lines progress in difficulty.  


Jade Sing said...

Wallpaper books do have more uses, right? I have used my used and left wallpaper books to make a really good scrapbook. Maybe I should practice more on my cutting skills, though. The lines I draw aren’t really good as yours, hehe. Keep it up, btw. :)

Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

Good lateral thinking!

Diana Brimer said...

Thank you for taking the time to blog! I love your site. Please keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Please keep posting what you do with your kindergarten kids. I have a really hard time thinking of ideas for them. I often over-estimate their abilities and it is frustrating for everyone. Thank you for your bogs.

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