Sand Pyramid?

I am currently on vacation on beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC. My family and I have been coming here for 21 years and counting. This year was the first time that I set out with a goal that did not include completely draining my head of all thought and just relax... Well, I will of course still do that, but onto the goal. 
I wanted to build some kind of sand castle. I have never made one. I thought it might be too hard to pull off and the rest of my family really didn't seem too interested. I don't blame them, because it is a lot of work. My wonderful husband who is what I would call a "Craftsman" set out with a plan. He also has an engineering mind so I just smiled and nodded when he showed me the plans. 
We decided on a pyramid! Here are some process photos. In the pictures are me, my husband Wes (in the hat), and my cousin Mica. 
1. Build the foundation.
2. Level and smooth.
3. Stair steps that begin at the top. Our approaches to this were all different. My strategy was to insert my tool (plastic putty knife) vertically and and then rotate down (like pulling a lever) so that the tool lay horizontally. This would cut the step and then pack down the sand for the top of the next step. I think my husband would cut in vertically and then cut in horizontally and scoop out. (My way went a lot faster)
 4. Make an entrance by building up more sand and smoothing.
 5. Carve stones in entrance way
6. Feel proud of a job well done!

 7. Even though our steps were not all perfectly level and smooth, it gave our pyramid a nice ancient look. 
 This little crab stayed with my cousin the whole time and then decided he would move in. 
If you're going on a beach vacation and want to.... Build a sand creation and share it!
Happy Building!


Katie Morris said...

That's cool! I've never been to a "real" beach, we don't have a lot of those in Kansas! :)

Mr. E said...

Hey...you asked about the tempera pens. I'm not sure where my wife picked those up...but I have something like that I purchased from School Specialty/SAX. They come in a dz. I believe...bottles you can put tempera in..and they have a feltish applicator tip to them like the pens you see in the picture.

Phyl said...

We go to Maine every summer, and I love to build in the sand. If my son is around, he joins me in the creative activity. We've built a cat, a dragon (of course), a lizard, a frog, and more, all really big and lots of fun.

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