Abstract Warm-up

   The first day of class with my 6th graders can be a bit overwhelming. I preach rules, procedures, and expectations. They are usually surprised at the new things they will be expected to do in "Middle School" art and can be a little timid. 
   After all the speeches are said and done I like for them to start creating.  I always begin 6th grade with Abstract Art. I try to find an interesting youtube video to show that gets the kids excited. I won't tell them what abstract art is though. I ask them at the end of the video to tell me. 9 times out of 10 they will get it.
   It is now time to create. As wide a topic and endless the ideas for abstract is, I have always found that it is hard for most students to begin an abstract work. So I help them along with this abstract warm-up:

Markers, crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, or paint.
12"x18" paper

Teacher reads the directions as students follow along.
Please be sure to allow at least a minute for each step. 

Abstract Warm-Up:
1. Turn your paper in any direction
2. With your marker make three straight lines anywhere on your paper, but start each line on an edge and end on an edge. Lines may cross if you wish.
3. Make three dots any size, anywhere on your paper. Remember to color your dots in. 
4. Place the tip of your marker on one of the dots. Now make a curved line or a lot of curved lines that go in any direction as long as they go to an edge.
5. With your marker make one circle that touches something else on your paper. 
6. You may add to your design by making more lines and shapes if you wish.
7. Complete your abstract work by adding as many colors as you wish. Remember to leave only one space blank on your design. 
Abstract warm up with steps 1 - 5. I always use oil pastel on black paper. 
Wish I had taken more pictures of this lesson... The students always have great success with this project because they are given a little "push" into the creative process. I find that it builds their confidence. 
If you liked this warm up and would like some more ideas, send me your email. I have 3 more equally as popular with the students and greater in difficulty. 
Special thanks to Pam Hickman who gave me these abstracts when I was student teaching.


Pat said...

Thanks ! Here's my e-mail:

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

I agree. This is a great warm-up exercise.

Debby Meadows-Coombs said...

I'd love your other materials you mentioned! The abstract project is great - simple but a good starter! My email is singnpray@msn.com Thanks!

WithASmileOnYourFace said...

You have a great blog! Thanks for your ideas!!!



Amy said...

I love thi idea. Please share more! Albertsona at hotmail dot com

cmwswt said...

I really loved your guided abstract lesson. You said you have more...I would really love to see those lessons. Thanks so much for these ideas and your hard work.


Rie said...

I would love to get your other abstract warm ups.


Miss Hauter said...

I would love more abstract warm ups for middle school students.


Miss Hauter said...

i would love more abstract warm ups for middle school students.

thanks so much.

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