How to "Pin" it.

What better way to start Thanksgiving then by "pinning".
So I was "pinning" this morning when I kept stumbling upon a very erky situation that many of my fellow artsy pinners make. I saw a fabulous idea and clicked on the pin only to find myself on the correct blog or website, but not on the post or article I actually wanted… This really erks me. 

Here's how it's done:

"Wow, this is a fabulous idea. I must pin this."
DON'T hit that pin it button yet! 

First, take a look in the address bar. If it is just the website address with no extras then you will only pin the site and not the particular post or article.
 "What does that mean?"
It means that when someone clicks on this pin a month from now to pin it for themselves, it will only lead them to the website, which may have written newer posts or articles, and not the EXACT post or article you wanted. Leaving them helplessly searching to find that picture that we were inspired by. 

"So how do I pin the post or article?"
I'm glad you asked. First, click on the post or article title.
 Notice what happens in the address bar? You are now only on that post or article. 
 "Oh, I see. Now can I pin it?"
Yes, pin away! 
"So, how do I know that the pin I'm about to pin from pinterest is correct?"
Always check before you pin. Click on the pin and look for the things explained above. Unforuntaley, if the pinner didn't pin the exact post or article you may be left searching… Then have to follow those steps again. 

Following these simple steps will insure that not only will you be able to get back to that fabulous idea a month or two from now, but so will your followers. 
Happy Pinning!! 


Mrs. C said...

Thank you! This drives me crazy also! I always double check a pin before I pin it... if It's pinned wrong and I can find the right post for the pin I re-pin it correctly. :)

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