Put a Cap on It

I love the pump lids that come with many gallon paints, but good GOSH I can't stand how much they clog... I even stopped using the pumps for a year because I was so tired of sticking a paper clip in there. Alas, I also did not enjoy tipping the gallon over to poor into my smaller paint bottles. 
Smaller paint bottle
I always wondered why someone could not come up with a stopper for the paint like they have for the Elmers glue pumps... Maybe they have, I just haven't found them yet. I don't spend my days googling paint pump stoppers. 
One day it finally hit me. I needed something I could mold to the pump to stay and fit perfectly...
MODEL MAGIC! Why had I not thought of this before? I just rolled a ball and stuck it on there and it fit like a glove.
This little cap comes off easily and is a perfect fit.
I've used it for a month now and no clogs! Thanks Crayola!! 


K Hyman said...

Great idea! I'll give it a try!

Mrs. Kristin Bolster said...

Nice! I just replaced a pump because it was clogged beyond paper-clipping ... and don't you hate it when it's only semi-clogged and then you get blasted with a random side-spray!! :)

Rina k6art.com said...

Genius! I have to soak my pumps/tubes at the end of the year, they get so gunked up. I'm pinning this to my art room organization board.

Kristin Yager said...

I hate that too! Instead of model magic I stick the yellow Crayola brush that comes with the watercolors in the pump hole. It too fits perfect and it keeps the paint from drying. No clogged pumps! Yea!

Kristin Yager said...

The yellow paint brush in the Crayola watercolors fits perfect too! :-)

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